mandag 17. oktober 2011


I do have a theory that most of our consuming lifestyle are based up on our fear of not to be loved - or seen...
"Little mirror on the wall..." We all want to look our best, dont we???

When I want to by something new – or make my self happy by brushing up my interior - I am seeking the feeling I get from it.
I feel like I (in some levels) believe that I will be a better – or more loveable person - if I just get that new jumper – or a new haircut etc...

After a year trying to ignore this urge I can assure you that the good feeling only last for a short while after shopping. You do actually feel better – but only for a very brief period... And after a short while you need something else to cheer you up... And it is possible to replace these feelings with another – and a more lasting feeling - if you give it a try.

The novelist - and philosopher - Jean-Paul Sartre claimed that love between man and woman only is the urge to be seen. As well as the child wants to be seen, accepted and loved by their parents. Of cause it´s important to be approved! But in future hopefully we all can find better ways to show who we are – and what we need - than by gadget or clothes...!

I´m as eager as anybody to be loved and approved – but I try to control my hunger to be approved through to the things I own. And I try to control my fear of living - and fear of not to be loved - by exercising - and by meditating in the forest or by the fire at home :)
I do love beautiful things. And I do love art and music.
But I will rather buy some, few wonderful things – and really appreciate them - than by a lot of cheap stuff.

I want to be who I am, and do what I do my own way...

Hopefully there will be someone to see me as I am too.
Even if I don´t keep up with the race of buying and decorating...

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  1. Soo agree!And please do not forget that some of us like you and your writing so much because you come across as the opposite of love hungry attention seeking individual:)

  2. Veldig interessant teori du har der :)

  3. Og veldig koselig med kommentarer!!! :)