søndag 9. oktober 2011

Recyclable paper bag from England? Confirmed!

I can absolutely confirm that the paper lunch bags from Inglenook B&B in Ingleton is recyclable: It went into bits and pieces long before I came back with my mushrooms from the forest today...
The paper bag; turning into soil even before getting home...
I was happy to be able to re-use my lunch-bag from visiting the Lake District...
I think I was hoping for even a re-re-use of it... and maybe even a re-re-re... (you get it... :)

After a good night sleep I did not fear the rainy weather in Norway, but went straight into the wet forest (with my new, red, long waterproof boots on, of cause :) (By the way: they where approved by the coolest “gangsters” in Manchester Airport yesterday! Passing me – I was sitting on a bench - one of the cool guys turned to me giving me the thumb up and said: Nice boots :)

Anyway: Paper bags are perfect for mushrooms. But this one did not last long. From a environmental point of view this is good news, of cause :)

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