søndag 9. oktober 2011

My project: Summary in English :)

I want to live a good life, but not a consuming life. I had a vision that this even would make me happier....
In my life most of the things I really appriciate are free...

I do believe that people actually reach “the peak of happiness” when they have what they need – but not more. If those of us who literally have more than we need picks up this way of living we would actually be possible to share this way of life with most of the people in the world.

Environmental issues are important to me. But also fair trade - and humanism. I really do believe that we all could have a good life “buying less and living more”...

Looking into “simple living rules” I started by making a list of what was the most important things in my life - and ended with this five main points:
  1. My children and my friends: Sharing time, meals and conversations with people.
  2. My work ( I love being a teacher – and I have a lot of friends at work.)
  3. Being creative (especially writing and taking photos.)
  4. Nature and exercising.
  5. Yoga and meditation (...and experience “the art of doing nothing”)
After 9 months into the project I may want to add: Traveling. But I didn't consider traveling to be necessary during the first year – even if I really love to open my mind by meeting different cultures.

The first six months I even kept my self from buying some sorts of expensive vegetables, meat or any take-away dishes. Going to cinema, restaurants or traveling with train was also rare. Mainly I went alone in the forest, walking, skiing or meditating. I used all my leftovers completely – and was carefully sorting all my litter.

During summer my project turned slightly into a more “long termed habit of life” where I did use some money for restaurants – did visit friends more often – and I did buy some expensive coffee or tomatoes. I even have bought some facial products - and been to the hairdresser once. I have realized that a healthy society do include trade. Cutting hair and getting massage, going to cinema or eating on restaurants are not making litter - or clutter in our lives.

What I haven't done yet are buying any clothes, shoes, jewellery's or any gadget for my home that isn't absolutely necessary (eg. toilet paper). I still use my leftovers carefully – and I do eat less meat.
I did save a lot of money so far. And I used a fair amount of them to help building a house in Gambia for my “family” there.

So far I don't think I will have any problem living this way of life “on long term”. And in the future when I do need something I will try to buy quality. And as far as possible I will try to prefer the products who is a more fair trade than others - some from “my neighborhood “ – but also some from far away - to support workers doing a decent job in other countries...

Until today I have been writing my project, ups and downs, problems and aims in Norwegian. This is only a short summary of some of my thoughts.
Please be patient with my English ( I'm a simple Norwegian woman ;)

I'm still in process.
(To be continued...)

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